Reach out and connect with communities to heal and transform your experiences. Remember that you are not alone and support is available for you.

Reach for help

If you have experienced or are currently experiencing conversion practices and are in need of LGBTQ+ affirming support services, reach out to groups in the directory for support. Please note that we will not be able to respond to immediate needs. If the services that you are looking for are not listed here, contact us through this form.

Submit a Complaint

While Malaysia criminalises LGBTQ people and actively promotes LGBTQ rehabilitation there are existing laws, regulations and complaint mechanisms can be used to seek protection and redress against conversion practices and unethical practices. For example, medical service providers are bound by their code of ethics. They have a duty to do no harm and are responsible to serve their patients’ interest.

If you have experienced or have been recommended conversion practices, you can make a complaint to the following bodies.

Be advised that these agencies may not act immediately and their response may not be aligned with what you seek. In many cases, you may need additional support from human rights groups.

If you would like to discuss the idea of making a complaint, please kindly contact us through this form.

Share your experience

Your experiences can have a transformative effect on laws, policy and the lives of many people. If you are open to sharing your experience of having gone through and overcoming conversion practices, you can share them through this form.